i am sick and i am dull and i am plain.

the blanka ending is up. navigate!
and yes, i now realise that 'attack me if you dare, i will crush you' is actually ken's catch phrase; what i meant to say was 'you did quite well, you but you need more training to defeat me!" ryu; good chap, nobel, but with a personality like a basket of hotel laundry.

the weekend was danny coming down. i couldn't really think of anything to do except the beach, so we went there a lot. i enjoyed the new episode of dr. who, up until the ending which was completely rubbish, and then i thought back and the more i thought about it the worse the whole program was. it had some of the classic about it - the shop dummy holding the 'anti-plastic' right above the evil nested conciousness, and the wheelie bin monster; and the conspiracy nut in his shed was a good way to reintroduce the quality. but what's the point in simply re-doing 'spearhead from space'? not as well? with someone an actor who's distinguishing dr who feature seems to be that they don't have any distinguishing features (n.b. being from the north is not a distinguishing feature. especially when you set the whole episode in london)?

and billie? billie 'because we want to' piper? billie piper evans? she was alright actually.

which takes us to last night, when i learned how to build a pc, because i had to (not a billie reference). dan tried for the twenty minute transfer a pc scramble, and nearly did, except that then i put to put it all back again into the original shell because the graphics card (which was the whole point) didn't fit in it after all(sorry if you're reading this before i get a chance to speak to you dan). while i was doing this, yer woman astra called me and we went out to see some comedy at the joogleberry play house. it wasn't spectacular. dear compere, assuming that a web designer has no freinds, despite him sitting with at least three people, does not equal humour. and when the compere is rubbish, it does make you wonder about the other acts who are coming on; they were all hit and miss. the first two were mildly funny at best, and the last (meryl o'rourke) was actually funny at best, despite hiding behind a default comic delivery persona. they had a get up and tell a joke bit, so i told doctor who joke (variation one), and won a shot of house spirit for my trouble, despite not knowing as many people as the sound man - the other person who told a joke. sweet pansy decker, it was a good night.

p.s. this is my favourite smiths song.
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