my heart belongs to dandy

my head's not been straight for days. maybe it's because of the three o'clocker i did on thursday; the stronger possibility is that i've been waiting for unnovations. it's been first thing on my mind when i wake up; i'll have had a dream that it arrived, flicked through it's pages, been so happy; only to find it's not on the door mat. i'll dream that it's not arrived at all, and wake up to the second disapointment of a nightmare come true. i'll hear the post drop, the distinctive sound of a jiffy bag plopping through the letter box; it's a cd that jess doesn't even want. worst/best was friday; i tear my door open and find two packages placed against it. two! i hadn't been expecting anything, well, not since i didn't expect to ever actually recieve anything from father of boon after i was the 100th signer of their guestbook (permalink), and i certainly didn't expect to recieve a letter from sarah (of the fisherm[e/a]n), plus the cds that i'd lent her when i saw her in december). i didn't think these things would come. but there they were.
and where was my book?
understand, i was tremendously pleased to get two unexpected packages on the same day. but i couldn't appreciate it, because this book thing has gone on for too long, longer than the '6 working days delivery' limit even suggested. i need that book now.
i suppose what i really want is a kissmammal.
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