i'm writing from home.

on a tiny keyboard attached to a tiny PC plugged into the internet. it's so much fun. and i've so much to tell you. oh, all about the new song, midweek CD purchase, and the new photo stories that'll be online soon, and, oh, the weekend at danny's, helping him move (by taking lots of his kit), then traversing the underground laden down by an xbox, a pc, an audigy sound card and oh so many books. my room is like a danny shrine. and then to get to Angel and have no batteries and i don't know what to do, and you can always count on a stranger to be there to provide a power source and a new body. anyway it was days ago now and jo's gone to the USA with andy and thank you, esther, for putting me up because there was no way i was going to make that 1AM brighton train. and i had so many opinions that i can't remember now, but now i can just put them straight up here! no more pooey univertsity for me. i'll be lucky if i even go in for exams now.

last night Eliza Carthy played, and i wasn't there to see it. piss!

interestingly: i wasn't sure this was going to happen, but i where there's a market, there's a way... album 3

today will be remembered as the day in which people got in touch with me. the lovely simon mcgregor asked me to go to the cinema (no, i'm doing computery things) Ewa (whom i've named my project after - the rather tenuous "evolutionary melody attenuator [yswidt]) texted and asked for my adress - that's going to be exciting - and even rachael thought to just text a simple 'hello! xx'. but cream of the crop (?) was a guestbook entry and email from marque 'shmellow (so vaguely remembered that assumed the email was unsolicited junk, they always have names like that. that's how unused i am to getting emails). i met marque (i remember him as his email adress 'yumgoth') at leeds fest 2000 when i was with robbie humphries, adam green, et al. (highlight? not going to see at the drive-in. if only i'd known then.) he came over on the last night looking for smokes and played a couple of good songs (that's all i can remember about them) on the camp guitar. i think i played him 24 hour garage people. we swapped emails addresses. he had a really good digital pop-core band called 'candungo burro' that really affected me, as i was in durham then, and had downloaded certain music apps, and was experimenting with production resulting in try the view change button. in a way, i owe marque a lot; did he put the squelches in the final version of going for a pie? we lost touch, as people who only exist over the internet do. so it was absolutely delightful for him to find me. take that, julie langham grilly. so, thank you everyone that links to me and makes me so googlable. it's nice to be wanted.

p.s. along the same lines, thanks to everyone who read the last two posts and enjoyed them.

pps. oh yeah, and if anyone's in london next monday, there's trial and error records night i want to go to. xx
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