at which point...

...jess declared she was in fact getting a a friend for rothko (i.e. a CAT), and going to feed it meat, which wasn't the point at all. oh well. at least there will be a house-trained cat around, but not ethically on my conscience. which is great!

thursday night was the abi and astra show, on tour, at the koba jazz coktail and money lounge. some nice new songs and finished with 'liberty', which might be my favourite one. it's nice to have an excuse to visit somewhere as swank as koba - 'an exclusive meeting place for like minded people' (website) and since we were guestlisted, we felt free to spent a whack load on 5.45 professionally,expertly mixed drinks, that ending up just tasting of cucumber. a bit. peter baynham was there, taking a break from his strenuous post as 'script consultant' on NaBar.

there was in fact no guest list, nor entry fee.

and what about sunday morning? it reminded me a little of christmas - sneaking out of the door as soon as you wake up, only this time it's not too see how big your presents are, it's to see if the girl loz brought home (just to add some mystery here, you understand, because there really isn't enough)'s coat is still over the banister, and it is, and you're really happy, and you and rothko and jess have a little celebratory dance and giggle and smile.

it was julie, by the way.

charina: now there's a chipper lass. something edinburghian about her (link stolen from dan).

i've been thinking/feeling about the 'burgh a lot recently. i really miss that town, and its inhabitants. i dreampt i was in trouble, so i packed up my laptop and rang tom brimelow, friend from school, and he drove down and got me. he's lost my number, again, the blaggard.
i wonder if any of my school chums read this? please leave a comment if you do. i could do a user survey and everything.
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