is it ok to say 'omfg' in real life? ian burst out laughing at me when i did but i don't think that's fair. it's not the same as 'lol' or 'rofl'; those make up for the fact that you have to somehow describe your laughter. omfg is simply an anacronym.

and also, stalking people on the internet that you found on okcupid is totally different to stalking them in real life, just like pirating music is not exactly the same as stealing a cd from a store. this is why i tag all my photos by people's full name, where known, so that people searching for them can find a good pic of their face.

actually, i don't know why i have a different username for dating websites. i suppose if someone searches for 'grilly' i want them to find this and my music and stuff, not my pathetic attempts at wit.
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