brain shards

i was reading the independant today, since someone else had the guardian, but it meant that i got to read the art review section (g2 is always stolen). andy gill, record review guy, wrote a two page article on stuff, letting it be know that he'd recieved 75 cds to be reviewed that week, showing how the cd wasn't dead and internet style marketing was over-rated. however, turning to his actual reviews, he gave grinder man (nick cave + dirty three) 5 stars, but three of the other releases - all big names - got two stars. why not review the good albums, andy? even giving the new bryan ferry album 2 stars gives it the oxygen of publicity, instead of some good indie band (or euros childs). ok so you had a two-page article about the ones you didn't review, but this is hardly a weekly occurance. maybe cds are dead, he's just not paying any attention in his ivory tower of promo copies.

also in that issue was john gray of 'straw dogs' fame reviewng 'the meaning of life' with a mixed conclusion and reviewing in such a way as to encourage investigation of his next book, the marvellously titled 'black mass: apocolyptic religion and the death of utopia'.

a query - the water at work tastes disgusting. so it has to be drunk cold. we have atap, and a water cooler, taking water from the tap and cooling it to a tasteless level. now which is more eco friendly? if i run the tap, i waste water, if i drink from the cooler, i waste power. right now, which is more important?

what is it about blackbird song that breaks my heart? it's the most beautiful sound. maybe it's because they're free to sing whatever they want, while other birds' songs are repetitive, and you know how humans love the illusion of free will. years ago, we had a blackbird in our garden that my parents taught to sing the speedy gonzales song. at the time i wondered - and it's no clearer to me now - if the bird could hear the song and was deliberately imitaing it, or if the song was filtering gently into his repetoire without him noticing. maybe there's no difference.

maybe it's just cause they're such amazing singers. they got the best tunes.

spent all night tonight wandering around soho 's sam smith pubs with adam green, taking in a vegan organic restaurant too. still hard to get over meeting david wrench and sticking a cd in his hand.
adam was breaking up with his live-in girlfriend of two years, which prompted me to go off on one about oxytocin, meaning i didn't notice rowan atkinson walking past me and giving me a funny look (adam said).
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