modern music

adam said he didn't listen to 'new music' anymore, so i got out my walkman (which i take to be a common word and not a brand) and played him fantomas, hella, ephel duath and 65daysofstatic.

my new favourite word is 'cwtsh' which is welsh for hug.

yesterday was ruth's 'nafada' was a tremendous success, which took me back a bit. i played some songs; i soundchecked on 'accept yourself' then played 'edmond', 'purple milk', 'airbag' (helplessly giving into the reggae) and 'love', all the while trying not to attract attention (unlike the guy who wouldn't start playing until everyone was quiet, but then i guess he had his own perogative) but let people enjoy themselves. no-one shuts up when a dj starts playing. i was there to entertain, which meant i was plenty surprised at the applause.

poking out of my pocket there is my case of adaptors. i brought my mic and stand and spent some good part of the night sorting out amplification, which mademe feel very useful. i wish andy had been there to get the mic positioning just so, but it was an interesting experiment in necessity.
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