given my eco-rant of a few days back, you might be confused to hear i'm thinking of flying to croatia in may.

my head's a confusing mess of arguments and counter-arguments. we should cut down extraneous flights. so why does it seem like i'm the only fucker who's not doing it? flying would be at the very most a sixth of the cost of going by, say, train, meaning we all save money, and that's money that i get to donate to charity or something - even if i offset my guilt by a hundred pounds, i've still halved the cost of travel. isn't that good?

i'm not waiting for our leaders to be effective on climate change, there's plenty i do already. in fact, checking out my carbon foot print online, i'm well below the national average, even including flights. while i could try harder to reduce my carbon emissions, if other people made only a little effort they'd be a massive reduction. so why should i bust my balls and be a killjoy on other people's behalf?

that said, this is not a necessary flight; it is purely leisure. in answer to the obivous question, 'why does it have to be croatia?', well, that's where laurence wants to go. so it's either go or not go. what do i do?
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