everything else/the eternal weekend

a little more context; the previous post was spawned by sitting in front of a woman on the bus who had the most annoying voice i'd ever heard (well at the time it was) and views to match. it was as much an attack on her as anything else. but that's what you get i suppose. apologies for the john gray 'do keep up' writing style and the frequent distraction from the central issue. but i think it seems pretty lucid for being drunk at three in the morning.

i dom't know where we should go from. i suppose i should work backwards and see how far back i can remember.

right now, i'm sat in front of my computer blogging. my foot hurts and i need to get a plaster on it. i can still just about make out '4 real' on my arm that i carved with my thumbnail. yesterday felt like a saturday and i've no idea how today feels

after the gig last night, every one went home as you'd imagine, except hiska and jeremy who were going into mother bar, and to the depths of the criminal world, i followed [them]. during the usual body search, the bouncer came across my utilty tool with keys attached, which of course i'd forgotten i'd had. he said he'd hold it for me, but i should keep my keys with me. i said i'd leave the keys on it, to make sure i'd get it back off him. he said i could make sure, and i didn't have to leave him with my house keys, saying he could run home and burgle me while i was in there. steady on, i thought, we've only just met. after some very jewish to-ing and fro-ing, i aquiessed and took the keys off. they weren't even my house keys anyway. the club was awful, i felt compelled to make reference to gillen's 'retromancer' idea. after a bit, the music did get a little off the beaten track, but when they played 'rocks' i went to the toilet, and said to the guy next to me 'i hate primal scream more than any other band,' which he didn't take kindly to and seemed to think that this could be resolved by way of cock size and more. moving swiftly back into the safety of the crowd, i took leave and pummelled my way to the bus stop, using the tried and tested 'have you got the time?' technique to say 'it's ok i'm friendly really' to the other singletons there. upon the bus i was confronted with the woman i mentioned earlier.

after jo and andy left, i fired up doom again and, to put it simply, was over-stimulated. with this fiddly keyboard and this fiddly mouse and no desk, i'm making a kill-death ratio of 1:2 quite consistantly. does it matter that there were always loads of people on the tiny maps i was playing? probably not. then i had a sausage sarnie, and set out on foot, first to keep robin company at the 'flea pit', which is an nice but expensive bar/cafe/gallery, veggie but doesn't brag about it, lots of jazz tronica going on and so forth, and then on to see the girls play bar music hall, a venue with a bar bigger than most pubs. one big open spotlit room like something our of a seventies movie. the gig was awesome and loads of old faces crept out of the woodwork, everyone from hiska to chris out of illustrated youth and beyond. after them, a jazz funk band came on. we had a dance, i took my walking shoes to move better, and after a couple of minutes got a splinter. ed very kindly took to prodding at it with his self-harmy knife. i don't know if we got it out, made it worse or what. anyway, it hurts more now than it did then.

in the morning, i gave andy his presents of books and we finally got out of the house at midday to meet ed at tottenham court road at one. we went to crobar (a metal bar) for a quiet pint - may seem like an oxymoron, but we were the only customers. andy and jo then went off to meet alec, also on his lunch hour - it's funny how these thing fit together - while i took myself off to rough trade, which i managed to find, although they didn't have most of the tickets i wanted, so back to ticket web i suppose. we set off for a coffee on brick lane and then came home.

jo and andy arrived, we had supper, then we met up with barney in a pub. at home, i stayed up until two in the morning trying to sort out a deathmatch with laurence. if anyone's interested, go to, download the program and drop me a line. here is my player page, but it doesn't appear to have updated yet.

on tuesday i went to the national portrait gallery with new house mate katie. i'd heard it was shonky but actually quite liked it, especially the sequence of photos of blair in march 2003. we lost each other, then called to say she was leaving which was at a fine time for me to then meet up with other house mate ian to help him buy a guitar for ruth who i am replacing, for her to take on her travels. a wonderful little crafter traveller took our fancy, as did a beautiful black electric took my fancy, it looked and sounded very jazz and very metal, marked down to 280. if only i'd got it's name... then i went to the cornish bakehouse for a veggie sausage roll, and met up with ed, convincing him to try it out.. it's nice you see. we went to the cock off oxford street and met a clasical drummer, which was nice. and i love sam smiths pubs but i'm starting to see just how ubiquitous they are. then we went to the first of many 'last night drinks' for ruth before she goes away this weekend; istanbul/jordan/palestine. this was great too.

and jesus, the day before that, ed came here and we went to the pub and played street fighter 2', experimenting with special moves turned off and damage weighting. so that was monday. i arrived here the day before after spending at a week at 'home', tehn going to manchester to see ewa and alun and steve, all of which i did and not always by making an effort. which i think brings us up to speed. photos are on flickr, i can't be bothered embedding them this time. but thanks!
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