stolen time

i meant to finish new boyfriend e.p. this weekend - newboyfriend part 1 (the first two minutes), plus four tracks i recorded last weekend. but thief (amongst other things) got in the way. what happened when looking glass became ion storm? so far the story arc of thief deadly shadows is:

garrett steals some stuff from some inbred nobles (this is normal and in character).
the keepers contact him and say 'we've got some BOOKS you'd like to read, but first you'll have to steal some stuff' and garrett says 'books? keeper books? with prophecies? my favourite!' (garrett would not say this. this is wrong.)
garrett breaks into the hammarite and pagan compounds, possibly killing many, stealing and causing havoc. he then recieves letters from the hammarites saying 'you have been sentenced to death, but we'd overlook it if you'd kill some bugs for us, and we'll magically upgrade your arrows to be able to do this as you read this memo.' an analogous, completely trivial request arrives from the pagans. this is nonsense. i doesn't make sense on its own terms.
i'm quite amused by the 'free-roaming' sections though - it's almost a parody of itself, like 'slade at home'. watch as garrett turns a simple trip to the shops into a stealth mission, but without the reward.
the missions are good though.

last night was richard james - very good, but all the songs did seem like gorky's b-sides. tonight is cult of luna. i will go in alone and cleanse my soul.
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