i'll be in london for may bank holiday

this is the best news ever. it's all worth it - i mean the capitalist system, all the politicians, the civil wars, the present system built for the desires of a few solipsists. because...

fantomas melvins big band
supported by ephel duath
london forum
1st of may.

let's all go.

i'm not going to buy a ticket yet, because i know i'm going to go, so i don't mind paying through the nose for one off a tout later. that's how excited i am.

however, this means i won't be coming to london for the other gig that excited the fuck out of me:

i just can't hang around london for that long, or come down that often.

i just found out about this 'easter weekend' thing as well. apparently i'm going to have to take two days holiday off! i was saving those! so i'll need to get away next weekend. i can't let this theft go unheeded. i may spend a long weekend at home, but if anyone has a better offer and seriously wouldn't mind having me around for a long weekend, tell me.

who do i owe a visit to?
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