i've only got two hands

my feet felt like they'd not got enough exercise on the inside; like the shoes i wear just lift them up and put them down without ever manipulating them. actually, i think this has more to do with them poking out of the duvet right next to my window, not helped by a misplaced radiator (the central heating was done on the cheap; heat sources should be placed against outside walls to create a warmth barrier, but ours are all on interior walls). because of this, after failing to find words to help rach understand the paradox, i shoved my feet at her and whined until she massaged them. i did hers too, but then i *love* feet.

my jumper still smells of the massage oil, but surprisingly, no-one is willing to smell my cuff.

yesterday simon rang me up and sang circus music at me. the circus! i'm never going to let one come through town without visiting it again. even this one - pretty tawdry by all our accounts - still had plenty of enjoyment to be had. the clowns are a case in point - as clowns go, they were pretty bad clowns, but i found them so endearing. there was no magic, fire or animals, meaning it was really just a bunch of acrobats, some of which, like the finale, were really entertaining. oh, and the strong man too. bloody stupid, they drove a jeep over him. at the curtain call, most of the performers looked miserable.

when i got home, i can't remember how jabberwocky got brought up, but when it was, and since nick didn't know it, i fetched my hofstadter for the english/french/german versions. "you can't translate jabberwocky," said jess, with a good point, but clearly an incorrect one, because there it is on the printed page. we took turns to read, and fell about laughing at our accents (i've missed speaking german since i saw the educators).

and i can't believe the news, that bertie is leaving kefranski. what on earth will they do know? i'm gutted.

oh, and you might have noticed the new audio section down there. it's now super easy to get the whole of womansour and dovedale joints, and selected parts of try the view change button (i was going to put the whole album up, but that would do more harm than good). don't forget that lyrics and info are still only available on my soundclick page. hope you enjoy
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