grilly's difficult anti-blog!!

today, i uninstalled deus ex; i call this progress. it's amazing that with every one of my precautions it found it's way back onto the hard drive, like a nano-virus designed to wreck my studies. but it's gone now, for a guaranteed two weeks. i can conquer my death wish because i want to. i still can't quite accept that i've got my finals in a week, but soon i won't have to.

food's been big. being full is normally an impassable berlin wall, but at the moment it's more like a friendly roadside suggestion, or a government warning on a pack of fags. i reckon it's all the thinking i'm doing. and for tea tonight? pie and chips!
how come hp sauce (prop.: danone) has tomatoes as the second ingredient, whilst the classic daddies' (prop.: hp foods(!)) is made almost entirely from sugar and vinegar? just two of the brown sauce mysteries.

it may not instantly occur to you quite how sick that picture is.
i also bought the new cephalic carnage record, because it had really good tentacles coming out of the sky on the back.

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