grilly's law

your friend's freind is a wanker.
no matter how much you like your friend, seeing them contexualised amongst there other friends will either lead to one of two things:
1 your friend becomes a wanker. this is what happens when, say, andy and his mate arthur guiness spend too long in each other's company.
2 your friend spends the whole evening apologising for their friend's behaviour.

there are three consequnces of grilly's law:
a systems based upon the should-be safe entry requirement of having a friend vouch for you - such as gmail, or the cowley club - are absolutely full of wankers.
b everyone is a wanker, including you.
c someone thinks that you are a wanker. but don't despair! that person's opinion doesn't count, because the person who thinks you're a wanker? they're a wanker too.

the only way to not be a wanker is to not have any friends at all. then you get to live in an irony tower of solitude, the bony king of nowhere. and no-one can call you a wanker.

quit smoking everyone. if anyone is interested in personal or social liberation, the first thing you should do is rid yourself of the vile slavery of addiction. i appreciate that there's some rebellion to it, some form of hedonism, but there's better hedonism than slow poison and there are plenty of forms of rebellion that don't fund capitalism.

for those who didn't get the cartoon two posts ago, i was talking about gödel's theorem, and rach thought i was talking about girdle's theorem.

oh no. i'm going to have to change my answer phone message.

at the anti-folk gig on monday, apparently hibbett was impressed (easily) with everyone he saw but loz and i:
Loads of other people played and i was surprised how GOOD everything was, especially Chap From Anal Beard who played a couple of songs, The Bobby McGees, and the ever-lovely POG. There was a guy doing MAGIC on when i left...

chatting with him and jimmy, and i found him quite standoffish until he found out who i was (having had a mitre of communication over the net), when he warmed up, which was very nice of him. everyone was so good - the night finished with charles latham's last gig (?) in the u.k., and that boy is a belter. nice to see someone (a lassy called rebbecca) doing a rendition of true love waits.

oh yeah, and the exams are going 'fine'.


p.s. stewart lee interviewing alan moore, anyone?
next week: alan moore interviewing brian eno. they said.

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