...ant fugue

i'm trying to accept the fact that an ant hill has moved into our house. currently there's four little blighters on my desk, congregating where the bottle of irn bru that they found used to be. i could wipe them off again, but maybe if i leave them to explore they'll find out that there's nothing to have in my room and the message will get back to the hive mind. it's amazing what you learn at university.*

i hope they're not mistaking the tea stain for food.

why do i feel upset by them being here? i barely noticed them in the rainforest, and those ones bit. ants are nature's vacuum cleaner, cleaning up sugary messes. and on a related point, why do i feel so good about having cleaned my room? ants mean you've got a mess, and things are filthy. this is why we like having clean floors. we like big, clear spaces because they feel clean. have you ever felt so evolved?

which is funny because
The theory of ID [intelligent design] holds that the world is so complex it must have been created.

has anyone who believes in ID actually tried creating their own universe? or looked at computer-evolved circuit boards or robot brains, ones beyond human comprehension? complexity actually works against their argument. so they 'introduce' the god figure to make the theory work.. it would be laughable, if the president of the u.s.a. hadn't said "the jury is still out on evolution." anyway, rossignol has pointed the way to this fascinating article (includes the amazing allegation that all creatures were vegetarian, even the tyrannasoarus rex, since none could die, until the fall of man).

this was fun too: Highest functions of brain produce lowest form of wit.

here's a good link from dan for a random wiki:

and now, the ants have gone.

after my last exam tomorrow, i'm going to stop eating so much canned food. because i haven't really been living recently. and the day i finally finished deus ex, ed came down as if just to give me his copy of planescape:torment. he left his tvbgone too, which, from its discription, seems to work just as well at switching tvs on as off. coincidentally, this week i got the 'get a life' book, and as such have had many conversations about tv, especially as laurence got his working just for eurovision, and then promptly and deliberately crippled it again.
ironically, i've spent so much time on the internet this weekend that i've very nearly given myself a repetive strain injury.

spotted:bridget jones' diary being used to stop open a window.

those lonely pies..

anyway, everyone's gone and this weekend i have been enjoying largely myself. see you soon!


*actually, they didn't tell us if ants do communicate like this.
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