10 years after the tragedy

and what do we get? two new remixes. liam fretwell's 'epic' mix and the author's 'metal' mix.

so i was buying a loaf of bread from chunky's, i'd plumped for the organic granary (their organic bread is the same price as the usual), and was eyeing up a quiche on the counter. i had been doing for some time, but if i was going to buy one, i'd first have to ask if it was made with (at least) free range eggs, and i didn't want to do that because it would make me look 'fussy'. so i'd not bought quiche (incidentally, co-op quiche is made with free range, but it uses g.m. rennet in it's cheese. i just want a bloody ethical quiche!). so this time, i asked. swallow your pride, and maybe you get to swallow some quiche.. the lady looked grim and slowly shook her head, didn't say anything. oh, okay. i stood there for a couple more seconds; i was not about to say, 'well, i'll get it anyway, after all, what does it matter?', but i felt like maybe i should get something else to make up for it. but what did i owe them?

but why did i feel bad about asking? free range is a fair enough question, and while old labour have been fighting so hard to get blood sports banned as the hang over from class war, factory farming is still legal, though plans have been long afoot to stop it (to which there would be no opposition. get your priorities right!).
it's about doing the right thing. i'm glad i did.

however, later i found out their bread wasn't made with free range eggs either. oh well.

incidentally, the independant has picked up on what i was saying about the gap between what we voted for and what we got. nice to see someone's listening.

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