sorry for whining yesterday. today was much better. i fink my feelings for certain person are emotional hallouncinations brought about by lack of stimulation, as happens when deprived of sight.
the band war seems to be going okay, with colourmap responding to my rallying cry :

[quote]Jazz McSmooth

Feb 9th, 2005 - 5:48 PM
Re: band war - the Map vs. rebessica

You are utterly, completely insane. [/quote]
post your thoughts on the thread.
my last two assignments have been quite easy, especially for a course titled 'computability and complexity'; the music technology course rocks; i 'finished' the overdubs on the guitar piece that is, like everything else i've been working with, ages old; and as i finished my work at a reasonable hour, i went to the london unity with thom and played a couple of open mike songs (love and that joke isn't funny any more). and i told the girlfriend/bus joke. and everything was fine.
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