'Mastodon' named 'Most Stolen From Band of 2004' by all magazines

so i was ill. i spent 10 hours alone in my room with a yellow plastic bowl and no concept of time. i et one piece of toast, and let the other go hard. i couldn't even ring anyone to say 'come round and look after me' . it wasn't great.

BBC say:
But he [Bush] refused to bow to conservative pressure on him to criticise homosexuals.

"I'm not going to kick gays because I'm a sinner. How can I differentiate sin?" he claimed on the tape to have told James Robison, an evangelical minister in Texas.
how about 'there's nothing wrong with them'? the "not that there's anything wrong with that type of thing" line doesn't even make an appearance.

cut to the new kid who works at dave's, with his completely impotent and cringe-inducing "no, i'm not homophobic - some of my friends are gay." i think that's what it was, although i actually remember it as "i'm actually terribly afraid of a homosexual man bum-raping me."

and for all of you who've complemented me on my writing recently, here's some three valued logic truth tables. no, really. i was completely delighted when my databases lecturer showed us this. sorry it's absolutely impossible to read in that format, but it's the best i could find.

another interesting thing happened on the way to owning the Garden 12"; i was checking all the music shops in town in case they had it (ultimately i had to order it from the excellent warpmart), and in doing so, i walked into Bionic, "where music is life", on north street. i was greeted immediately by a rack of CDs. 'Great!' i thought, 'now where's the vinyl?' i turned to the left, and saw only clothes. i turned right, and saw only more clothes. black trousers. pink blouses. rocker stuff. hippy stuff. i walked round the pillar - clothes. everywhere. 'i don't understand!' i said to the young lady behind the large counter (the place is about the size of a large open bar) 'when did this stop being a music shop?!'
'about two months ago, we're slowly phasing the records out,' she said. 'oh', i thought, 'maybe they'll have some bargains on their sole cd rack.' actually, no. although everything was marked two-for-one, there wasn't a single thing i even vaguely liked the look of. and so ends the saga(loo) of bionic.

project news: my program complies and gives output, although it's not quite right. i'll give it a couple of tweaks and then tie it up to a interface and it'll be fine.

pete's got a typically dandyish take on metal upline now on his site, the self-aggrandising my superb. i really am bollock impressed with his recent stuff. it's the wack.

in the meantime, here's a riff i was playing this morning (obviously the stupidly titled 'gather in the mushrooms' (an acid folk collection) is already having an effect):
it's in 7s, but playing it, your brain tries to push it into an 8 and a 6. just a scribble but i really enjoyed practising it.
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