GIRL! i want to take you to a NaBar!

some new knock knock jokes:

knock knock
>who's there?
>oblivion who?
oblivia newton-john.

knock knock!
>who's there?
knock who?
knock knock!
>who's there? (continue ad infinitum)

it was interesting walking around town this weekend. i didn't feel that all the saint valentine's day adverts were talking to me, and i don't think i would have done even if i were in a relationship (ha!). i don't feel like i have anything to do with those shops, i wouldn't go in them normally anyway.

but two things changed this weekend.
the second, for the first time i can remember, i spent money on a new fashion accessory - an unbranded purple baseball cap. it's an image thing. i consider how i look as i leave the house.

quote of the weekend: "what's wrong with brighton!? why so many baby shops?"
overheard in the north laine. i'd never noticed more than one before - i must have just assumed they were all the same one ("like backgrounds in a cheap cartoon," said Laurence). but there are hundreds! what's wrong with brighton? there are about eight (no exaggeration) in the north laine alone. one had a tiny t-shirt - "i had my mum in stitches".

Tim didn't visit me, but L's parents did. thanks to them. and also it was nice to see emma and mat, down for the weekend.

the other thing that changed is that cunt was on telly. it was quite good. it was funny and tragic. but the world seems different now. out on saturday night, following astra to the sussex arts club(and last night to see 'i licked a slag's deoderant'), i was slightly dazed. it is the culmination of so much. i remember the days when tvgohome was updated fortnightly; i was there, goddammit. and it's finally reached the nation. someone has finally and explicitly attacked these people.

i was thinking about how 'the idiots' in the program seemed genuinely retarded, and maybe that was wrong, but remember brooker associates these people exactly with the cow-proles, the sole difference being these guys have got more money, which they think makes them cool and special. or maybe they thought it was cool to adopt the manerisms of the brain-dead (except barley himself, who appears to be modeled on that goateed pillock out of the office with the unfunny stage show. and yes, i know his name, but i don't feel qualified to use it). i didn't notice barley staring at ms. ashcroft's chest enough. and that dan - the 'outsider' character - wasn't even that likeable was a nice touch. you don't have to have anyone to sympathise with. read more of my opinions on this

and what the fuck has happened to

anyway, happy garden day

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