Robin Says

What else? No school today cos it's National Men's
Day. So that's great. All the men are walking around
with their National Service gear on and a beer in
their hand.

in other news:
Royal wedding legal says minister.
Should Queen attend wedding?
Don't care
26549 Votes Cast
Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion.

Pope in 'you're just like hitler' shock; but your popeyness, there is one huge difference between abortion and the holocaust - you kicked up a fuss about abortion.

The Pope describes vividly his meeting later with the Turkish gunman, Mehmet Ali Agca, who tried to kill him.

The Pope says that Agca could not understand how the attempt to kill him had failed after very careful planning and execution, and speculates that the would-be assassin probably realised that there was a higher power at work.

if that's one of the "dense philosophical arguments" contained in his new book, we aethiests are in trouble. *sarcasm(irony{meta-irony})*
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