i dreampt about two houses this morning - i think one was based on my grandma pat's, and i did the biggest poo ever. the other was populated by goths or actual ghosts or something. there was a hill. and then we got the train back along the coast (so it must have been a prestatyn dream), but it went over the sea, and massive waves started coming towards us but we were too high, and then they got bigger and pushed us off the train and we landed on the shore.

this is remarkable because it means i got some sleep last night, which i don't remember doing at all. i had rotten belly ache and wanted to be sick to get it out. this is what comes of finishing in the labs at 6, and finding all the food outlets closed, meaning another dinner of crisps and humus (plus dry, claggy falafel). lets see... 110g of falafel, 200g of humus, and maybe 75g of kettle chips, washed down with horrible lager (how badly can you fuck up a pint of grolsch?). about half four i gave in and went to get a glass of water. then my computer fucked up and wouldn't play music to wake me up (actually i hadn't left the speakers on, but i was certain i did), i got out of bed when the postie knocked at 0810, and laurance said 'get up grilly' while i was stood in the hall. oh, thanks for the help. i needed that get up call. instead i went back to bed, and made my 9 o'clock with -25 minutes to spare. 39p croissonts from co-op, plus change from a tenner (so the bus driver doesn't go grump)? the new weetabix. so now i'm back in the labs, wondering why on earth this bug won't get the fuck out of my program, and working on the (thankfully easy-looking) databases assignment for thursday.

well done to everyone who helped with the Autonomous Cafe in the library - while the fayre was a little disappointing, the demand is obviously great and it's something you should do again.

the reason of course i was hanging out on campus was to go to arena unplugged, and i should have been performing, but that would have taken too much forthought. almost every was very good, and i'd love to know who won. there were only a couple of people who didn't impress for one reason or another - for instance, the first man up's songs were plodding and predictable and familiar, but they sounded good somehow. president roger made an awful compare though. to wit - after an embarresing silence while he stumbles onstage: "yeah, that was 'mat', lets have another round of applause for mat. next up - erm, angie." then he'd wander away, leaving only more silence to warm up the to the next act. rubbish.

where is jess's secret blog? first one to tell me wins a prize.

kimya dawson's gorgeous bags - designed and delivered for only $45.

what an unbelievable bargain.
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