so i dreampt i was in Tesco's, and they had the new radiohead ep for sale, but not only did they have that - the album spinoff, with new tracks and remixes and stuff - but they had a spinoff of that, with aphex twinny names, on a 3" cd, in red or white packaging. people from school, including clarkey, were there.

and the day after, i dreamt of cunt, and then she pooed in my mouth.

so i'm in brighton again, working hard on the assignments for next week. waking up late. going to the pub. coming home. finding food - the synthetic chicken soup comes in handy there. not really realising what life is, but feeling more in touch with reality than i blindly assume most other people are.

what was fun, was when we were in The Druids, with Astra and Tom (yay!) and we were talking about different things, etc, and Astra 'got really tired' and 'had to go home'. and then we talked about at exactly what point of the conversation had exhausted her so, to do it better next time.

pubs don't have seats built into the walls anymore. what's that all about? and they all play hyped-up automatic electro-music. alcohol is a depressant, you morons. play sometihng more relaxed.

and in the book of fight club, he doesn't die and go to heaven. he's in a hospital. read between the lines.

is it just me, or am i not in a very good mood?

well, happy january. oh, i don't know. i just want internet in my bedroom. that's all.

i'm going to go home and be a family man.

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Anonymous said...

ha! you edited it to make it more polite. ha!

also.. the nathan barley picture doesn't work, doesn't matter though because i already know what he looks like.