'le sigh'

after mis-reading the title of an email, i'm reminded of the last time someone asked me 'so are you two together?': when i was with James Carey in Gormanston. oh no, i said. it's not like that at all.

saturday was records day - the rounder records sale. when i've got some time, i'd like to review all the records i got this year, but for now i'll just say: good stuff. the higlight was the Caninus 7" (, but MC Mabon is the best pop music i've heard for a long time.

astra and abi - now known as 'Astrid', soon to be 'Aughra' (i hope) - rocked a fat one again, and thanks to the Joogleberry guy, and a top-notch sound too. well done guys. so many nice people there.


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