the pictures are so expensive these days, that it's hardly worth going. especially when you find out that not all foreign films are good.

the plot, i think was: in 2046, the time machine is invented. at this point, the future ceases to exist; 2046 is the last year, containing all subsequent years, since they are only a time portal away. a vast rail network spans the globe - you can get anywhere and anywhen in a matter of moments. everyone is happy, and no-one ever need leave 2046, the infinite city.

except our hero. he is in love and bitter, and sets out for hongkong, 1966, and tries to make a living as a simple newspaper journalist and, of course, a sci-fi author, writing of a mythical future, which he in fact used to inhabit. will his contempories, who can imagine nothing of his history, uncover the truth?

no, actually, he wasn't from the future at all, he was from singapore. he has sex with a beautiful whore and she fells in love with him, then he falls in love with his landlord's daughter but she moves to japan to marry her boyfriend. as far as i can tell, that was the entire plot, yet it took more than two hours. the film was so slow, that things happening slowly wasn't deemed quite slow enough by the director, who decided that many lingering shots of girls smoking, crying, or looking at the sunset, should be played back at a lower frame rate, just to drag out the tedium even more. it wasn't bad, it was just very, very long. there was no discernable begining, middle, end structure, just few achingly long shots of people who no effort has been made for you to garner any sort of emotion for. if John Cage made a film, this would be it.

i was on the LJIT, and i came across this. what are the chances of that?

the guy at the computer next to me, who looks so much like barney that i can't remember his name, keeps calling me 'jilly'. i don't want to correct him.

my project suporvisor doesn't recognise me. as in, upon meeting me, has no idea how i am. so i'm on my own with this one.

A drawing of Yehuda's father emerging from the crematorium chimney
it is important to recognise that today marks 60 years since the official liberation of auschwitz. but once freed, where did the captives go? many were kept in liberated camps for their own good, by the allied armies, and where in not much better conditions. still, they were better off inside than out, where in some areas they would likely be killed by locals.
selective quotes from the above linked article:
'The soldiers had been told not to take any of the camp prisoners with them because of the diseases they might have'
'I know some people are so full of hate they won't speak to Germans and so on.
But thanks to the most wonderful people I met after the war who somehow spiritually and mentally saved me I came to the conclusion that you can forgive someone who accepts their own guilt.
I was a teacher for 35 years and I tried through education to tell my story. That is more constructive than the destructive forces of hate, which mainly kills your own self.'

on top of this, the crazy frog ringtone is the most popular in the world. it has earned over £10M.

we have learned nothing.
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