The Pope Show

last friday, i was dragged out to the (new) Event 2. we're only popping in for a minute, they said. after twenty minutes standing at the bar alone, waiting to be served, it got to much. i went over to L and aimee (superhero name: Vowel Girl) and threw an actual tantrum. "I hate it here and i'm leaving!" stood around a bit more, as people made up there minds, and then i left, alone.

somewhere round the clock tower (the northern point of brighton's very most horrible area) i remembered: i'd forgotten my keys.

queue standing outside the door, waiting to see if L had his phone in his pocket (no), and then ringing around people back in brighton (i.e. Tom Foreman) to have somewhere to go. so i went round tom's house and we watched Nightwish videos and played table football. he thrashed me! but then it is in his house, and weighted funny.

highlight of the weekend was standing at the pelican crossing on london road (brighton's poorest area) and witnessing a violent argument between a mum and one of her daughters, who she'd just rammed with her double push-chair.

reminds of that 'chav scum' story with the eight-y.o. boy who says to his mum at the bus stop,
"mum, can i get an earring?"
"no," she says, "earrings are for girls."
"not always! remember dad?"

interesting diesel sweeties today, about mobile phones. heard a quote on the radio from the person who just published the research paper for the government - "there are - er, may be risks associated with mobile phones". yes. even so, a possibility of a risk is still a risk, yes?

One in four seven to 10-year-olds now own a mobile phone - double the levels in 2001, according to latest figures.

L woke me up before 8 o'clock today. it feels great to be up this early, and i know i'll sleep well tonight (as oppose to the last few nights, Chomskying myself to sleep).

The Pope walks in to Ladbrokes...
"i'd like to put some money on the 12.45 from cheltnam", he feebly mumbles from inside his glass shield.
"alright your worship", says Sam the Bookie, from behind his glass shield, "which horse would you like to bet on?"
"no, that's the Dali Lama. I'm the fucking Pope."

cheers - a list of veggie beers (and not-veggie beers)! fookin's isinglass. the thing is to quote (!) guiness,
Production processes in the UK are subject to strict UK/EU legislation and at present isinglass is the only fining agent suitable for stout, which has been approved in the UK. Any new fining agent, especially synthetic substitutes, would not be approved for use without rigorous testing both in Europe and by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. As yet there are no suitable alternatives available.

my beloved stout.. i wonder, what about porter?


edit: but are by-products of the animal industry that bad? well, is there such a thing as a by-product? discuss. here's another interesting link on the same subject.
and another.

edit edit edit: of course, what Guiness was saying is complete bollocks, their are veggie stouts (e.g. Sam Smith's), G just use Isinglass cause it's cheaper. hmm, well just wait till they have to put 'contains fish' on their pumps, that'll show them.
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