a drinking buddy is just a stranger you haven't had a fight with yet.

i saw this and i could smell the plastic potato himself. it's like he was right here in front of me..

not only..
but also..

things they could fuck up about V for vendetta (and check out the director's credits):
the bit where the detective 'drops a trip' (a la Jim Garcia in tvgohome) in the abandoned concentration camp, to try and understand V;
the archiac, old-fashioned-computer feel;
references to homosexuality as something that should be tolerated.

i mean, how can hollywood succeed at doing something anti-factscist? it's a paradox. i want to think of it as the wachowski brothers (eek!) paying their dues; that they could do a 'Peter Jackson' on it, as true fans of the book. but it'll probably be shite. it's not what they'll taking out that worries me, but what they'll change. unless they set it in a 1997 that never happened, it'll all go 'sci-fi'.
never mind.
and Gilliam's not doing watchmen.. noooo...

and this is great on so many levels..

anyone else notice my change of link there - it used to be 'how am i driving?' to take you back to the index; i might change it more regularly. keep you on your toes.

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