pile of cds

while i've been waiting for my new hard drive to come through (pending investigation about noise levels) i have managed to acquire the following cds, which i have not yet managed to rip:

various artists of switchflicker records: selaed with a loving flick
i'm listening to this for the second time and it's great. very laid back - not what i was expecting from a label i only know through valerie and chloe poems. but great, soft jazz and mature, reverbacious music.

soundgarden: superunknown
it was a fiver in fop and now i own it and it's still great.

uncut: best of 2006 (who knew that 2006 was such a chilled out year?)

syd barrett: opel
only listened to it once - scratchy demoes and outakes. i may have heard it before when i worked in the offy, and realised that nothing is more psychaedliec than a man singing out of time and out of tune with a guitar that he's playing that's also out of time.

jethro tull: passion play
i got this and the above barret album for my birthday. this was a complete surprise - a zappa-inflected (reminiscant of cardiacs) proggy concept work with some astoundingly imaginative instrumental sections. really inspirational.

ooberman:carried away
actually quite a good record.. i didn't think i still liked pop. there's a new ooberon album out this week too.. spin off band. i'll have to investigate it, if not own it straight away

various artists of cherryade: a very cherry christmas one and two
bought for bobby mcgees tracks and general investigative purchase. bbc's DIY label of the year 2006!
anti-war protest double cd
bartok/albern quartet: string quartets 1-6
this is weird as fuck. bought because i heard some on the radio and thought it sounded like dillinger excape plan, harmonically and rthymically.

bach/graeme gould: goldberg variations, 1955 recording
distilled genius. i bought the recording he made thirty years later for iona;s birthday, and that was great, and when i saw this i had to get it.. perfection.

neutral milk hotel: in the aeroplane over the sea'
didn't strike me on listening as it first did hearing it at ian's. but then i'd just been listening to the goldberg variations and thinking 'oh god i've wasted my life'

i've also bought bohm's 'wholeness and the implicate order' and 'opening skinner's box'. my brain will soon be complete, but also incompatible with anyone elses.

i want to write proper reviews on this blog, reviews of every product i consume, every gig i attend and everyday i live. with percentage scores where appropriate. but there's no time. what's above is just a few words cobbled together, not the epics i start in my head while i'm on the bus without a book or walkman.

last week i found myself in a bad way, the cycle of caffiene escalating. i think i'm quite sensitive to it; a couple of cups of tea day and i'm over the table. how much i enjoy work is directly related to the amount of sugar and caffiene i consume. which sucks the life out of my evenings and leaves me slumped in front of whatever's on in the lounge, be it dinner computer games or star trek.
weekends have been trying and i've spent the last few sundays entirely indoors, despite the same being said for fridays. i suppose i need a couple of days off, which i'm now entitled to, but will probably save up to cash in at the end of this contract on the 16th, when i'll go mental and try and visit everyone.

lots of love.
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