email to ed

i'll see. i'm not well today - i actually thought that sentance before i'd realised i'd written it, that's how ill - sorry, i mean i wrote that sentance before i'd realise d i'd thought it. argh.i 'm gonna make the practice tomorrow, i'll have to, but i don't know if i'll be able to do much more. erk. the water's pouring through the cieling in the hall too, so i'm not getting much rest. doing my head in. sorry i missed your call. i got very confused with the phones, it's not until you actually have to confront someone that you realise how little your mind is working. i rang you back, thinking you were at home, and then there were two calls open on my phone, and i was speaking to this girl who said 'it's elvis', and i wasn't quite sure what had happened but i assumed it was elvis from valerie althugh she sounded a bit different, so i thought i'd just better play it out and see what she wanted. after a bit of silence, i remembered that elvis was the company you worked for and asked for you, but she didn't know your name, or rather, she didn't know who your name reffered to so i tried to call your mobile but it doesn't work. the other call was my mailbox/

i wish the water would stop.
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