ill-informed rubbish

i think gospel music is a peculiar tradgedy. let's face it, at least the misguided missionaries gave them some hope, even if it was a false and perverse one. to take anything away from the slave traders and think it positive is awful, but i know there's only so many times a person can be punched in the head before they accept what they're being told. if blair has apologised for the slave trade (alawys one to back a safe horse, isn't he? oh wait, except iraq. and all the times he was wrong about everything), he should also abolish the church of england.

that some of their descnedants would cry, 'this christianity lark is shit! I'm converting to islam' is just a terrible punchline to the whole thing. it's not the practice or the god you're worshipping that's the problem, it's the fact that it's a religion. to misquote john gray, people need rescuing from salvation.