oh what a weekend

so i went to work on thursday, the day it snowed, and i was fine. and then i began to feel like crap and i wanted to go home. but being the kind of self-critical person that i am, i wasn't sure if it was just a ploy to go home; sasfter all, there's not much incentive to stay at work when it's boring and the food's terrible. and since i wasn't leaking any disgusting fluids, i couldn't be sure i was actually ill. but eventually i gave in and said i didn't feel great to my colleague, who agreed that i didn't look too good (well, thanks very much) and came back. i was reading in bed at some point, listening to my folk collection on random, when teh power went off.i don't remember the day too well; i've spent so much timein bed, slck jawed, eyes closed or covered, utterly ignorant of the passage of time, that it's all melted into one long sunday morning, but shit. anyway, i felt worse as time went on and there was no power, plus no water orheat. i didn't mind the heat because i was in bed with all my clothes on. dan brought me some candles in (this is reflected on his blog), got me some wierd lemsip shots (loose mouthfuls of paracetemol, vitamin c and sherbert, which got progressively harder to take), and juice. i must have slept that night but it's all a huzz.

next day i thought i was a bit better. i've never felt that bad, i've just been comlpetely devoid of energy, stripped of consciousness, and slightly achey. so when the water came back on - signalled by it cascading into our hall and box room from the flat upstairs, who'd left a tap on, what with the taps being dry and all, i did what i had to do, and incompetantly set up pans and cloths. i tried to move things out of the box room but there was just too much stuff. the pans were filling up in about five minutes, and there was no way i was checking them often enough to even realise how fast they were refilling. until right at the end. so they were pretty ineffective. the whole expereince was pretty stressfull and i barely slept a wink all night - having uncontrollable feverish thoughts about boring random shite that wasn't quite dreaming because i wasn't asleep but i still not in control. in the morning i thought it my second worst night's sleep ever, but i'm sure i've used that phrase before so maybe it wasn't.

the next day, power and water went off and on again at some point. i spent the whole day in bed, expect for the making of breakfast. this weekend was meant to have been awesome - i had a birthday party, house warming, a band practice - the first - and a recording session to attend. and i blew it all away on a rubbish illness.don't know about tomorrow - even if i'm well, i don't want to go back to work, having yet had no real respite.

but on a different note, i was wondering in the bath last night if i will ever be obsessed with a band again, like i was with gorky's or simian. i mean, i bought everything gorky's ever released, with the exception of demo tapes and the gewn ni gorfen 7", which was limited to 1000 copies. i bought their entire e.p. back catalogue, and then bought the e.p.s collection because , well by that point, it was just handy to have them on one cd, and it was cheap in vinyl exchange. but then everything's cheap in vinyl exchange, and they've probably got whatever it is you want (but only a promo copy). i suppose it's a combination of my obsessionism waning, and my lack of a quarry. i'll still buy everything that's anything to do with gorky's, so maybe it's not over. i nearly went down the same route with simian when they split, but i lost track of simian mobile disco over various record labels. i'll have to buy the new artic lorries album when it comes out though, as it's produced by simon lord (not the drummer out of simian, oddly, who seemed to have more of a production role in both simian and garden).

but it's quite easy to keep up with many bands these days - for instance, releasing e.p.s is pretty rare in metal circles - buying up ephel duath and dillinger escape plan back catalogues was easy enough. i suppose i need to re-work the magic of the internet to my advantage, and not get lost in the open sea of talent. in fact it's not that - when surfing myspace it's difficult to find anyone who makes me wake up with quality. it's much easier to find a band you like at a show, check out their actual website, thne look at the bands they link to with ACTUAL WEBSITES. music sounded better before myspace.
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