i think i saw roy melling on monday night.

roy is the kind of person i've left behind in my life - someone i was friends with not because i liked them (particularly) but because they needed a friend. i met him at youth theatre, and he was clearly burdened with many social problems. i didn't see what he could do with himself really. i last exchanged letters with him before we left manchester, and he'll have no idea now of my address and vice versa. but i'm sure i saw him in the cornerhouse bar, standing in the corner, a wierd smile on his face, his headphones on.

now, there may be many wierd, tall, grinning people in manchester who stand around in bars with their headphones on. but in a 'an inspector calls' kind of way, they're all the same person. if it was him, stood there, surveying the people and lights, it would not surprise me at all, but would it make a difference. should i have said hello? after all these years. am i damning him to a lonely pathetic existence of what i witnessed on monday by barely noticing him? and if it wasn't him, should i have engaged him in conversation anyway? think about it from his point of view. here's there to meet people, in the only way he knows how (unless he's just there to get off on watching other people enjoy themselves). what should i have done? answers in the comments section please.

in other news, the garden album 'round and round' has finally arrived, and it's surely a full year since i downloaded it off their website and started giving it to people. worse still, there's only about 500 copies available, and they've got the tracklisting wrong on the sleeve. *tchoch*! perhaps it is possible i am the very only person in the world who cares about this.

and when it comes to mp3 players, i'm still more likely to burn mp3s on to a disc and carry that around then get one. i've already got a wallett and now a mobile phone to carry in my pockets, and i'm not giving in and buying a third valuable 1x3x8 cm box to lose in a bar while i'm out drinking.
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