5 veggie burgers/3 days

and i felt fine.

how does a person make themselves think faster? do people think at different speeds? just by thinking more i suppose. it's tiring stuff you know. i suppose you excercise the brain like a muscle; neurons do fire faster if you use them more don't they? why am i asking you? hmm, this started out as an interesting point and now isn't.

two new remixes done this weekend, both of the girls girls girls song devils:

devils (dj gallow slutt's hardcore reunderstanding)

devils (dj gallow slutt's dub reimplementation)

i always imagined devils would be possible with a furious techno beat, but it was a bit too similar to the original, so i slowed it down by about three times, changed the time signiture, recorded a completely new take and only faded the original in momentarily - hurrah! dub!. the massive delay does a good job of hiding the 'stretch marks'.

i think what's interesting is my increasing impatience with music. there's so much now i just want to leave to someone else, and failing that, not do. which is exactly why i need to move up a notch. or down a notch. either way, something's gotta give (lesson one, stop talking like an action hero).

notes from friday:

'all i ever learn from temping is that we are doomed.

i want to destroy myself in the most pathetic way, in a shit punk band because it's the only thing to do.

i am totally re-invigorated and ready for london.

(but what about the poor?)
my answer to this usually sobering quetion is: tell that to these guys.
i'm a motherfucking artist man, a motherfucking artist!'

(and you know how i hate exclamation marks)

oh, i need to blog the manifold show and the cake competition, and danny being here, but bed, bed bed.
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