best game ever

the snappily titled 'mcdonald's videogame'.

yes, it's clearly a parody, but it's a good one. it's a plate spinning management sim - chop down rain forest to grow soy crops and raise cattle, infect them with bse from organic waste, sack employees who won't smile, pay officials to say you're okay, and advertise.

you're ultimately doomed - employees faces are constantly falling, and you can only discipline them/reward them once; eventually, you just have to fire them. and if you raise cattle too intesively, the land becomes permenantly unusable. on my current game, i'm trying small scale, which is great for p.r., and i've finally cracked it with a 2:1 ratio of crops to cows (actual cows, not land) - i bet i could keep this going for years now - only one lane open at the restaurant, no adverts, corruption or habitat destruction, and only a complaint from the board of directors about not making enough money (but it is enough). the link between advertising and sales is hilarious too - without it, virtually no-one comes to your restaurant. of course, it's purely hypothetical straw dogs management, but it's fun all the same.
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