from the archives: jess nichols and grilly

here's something interesting i found whilst searching for a blank tape: two songs jess nicols and i wrote (with russell preston) that we recorded as a present for a friend of hers. i've no idea of the date, i assume sometime in 2001 but i'm not going to think too hard about it. lucid dream will be known to you, as it appears on try the view change button with a sterling vocal by dale. this version has the jam outro that was always intended, but i couldn't do it not live. thinking straight will be new to you.

the two guitars were recorded first onto my minidisc player, using a pair of headphones as a stereo mic. i'm in the left channel, jess is in the right; i then recorded this onto tape with a live vocal on my brother's hifi, because that had an echo function on the mic in.

jess and grilly: thinking straight
jess and grilly: lucid dream
i make no apologies for anything on these two tracks; take them as they are. i quite like them, but that's beside the point. however, i must apologise for the lack of volume.

notice too, i have rejigged the mp3 section on the side bar, added a dj gallow slutt section and on benefit. on benefit is finished. i've not put any new mp3s online; the early mixes will stay there for the time being, and i'll distribute the cd through the usual channels (i.e. very slowly over the next two years). i make grave apologies in advance for on benefit; it's good but it's not right. it'll have to do; digby's calling and says if it's not finished by this weekend he's releasing the demos i sent him four months ago. a collection of guide vocals, rubbish snare sounds, and loops that were meant to be solos.. i'm having the wrap party on my own with a bottle of whiskey here tonight.
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