so having ripped all my cds onto my computer, and lugging that around the country instead (it's actually a very small computer that dan built for me), i come home and re-discover the absolute joy of putting on a record. it really is worth having a piece of plastic that you can carry around the house in it's own special box, vinyl especially, with no bloody fan noise in the background over the quite bits. having everything on the computer's great for making mix cds, or randomising over the entire collection, but it's not as much fun as the less convienient alternative. i have a small wall of records (i'm including compact discs as records too) here at the farm, and it really is a pleasure to spend time with them.

does this make me a materialistic person? am i enjoying the objects rather than the immaterial music? or does encapsulating the music in a solid form make the music itself more enjoyable? i've never thought of myself as a materialistic person, quite the opposite. i've always justified my love of having music as an immaterial want, since music is itself immaterial. but it is undeniably a commodity too.


so a couple of weeks after gorky's split up, ooberman reform! oh fortuna.

there was just a really wierd episode of the simpons on - bart is recruited as the rebelious one in a boy band that happens to consist of his school mates. the band are used to subliminally recruit children into the navy, their first single having the 'nonsense' chorus of 'yvan eht nioj'. so there's quite a heavy accusation here aimed at the power of the music industry, and maybe i read the whole thing to deeply thinking about maintainace of the status quo, record company links to arms manufacturers, &c. it takes a turn for the wierder when n-sync turn up, doing parodies of themselves. i thought this was a satire - actually it seems it's just pally ribbing. this made me worry even more about the satire - the whole episode has 'join the navy' in every minute. ok, they're joking about it, but isn't that still going to have an affect on the viewers? it just seemed wierd to me. not that it wasn't a funny episode. now every time i see n-sync i'll think 'join the navy'.

stupid fox company.
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