dillinger escape plan in 'least essential purchase of the year' shock

it's been a shit week for news. real news is bad enough, two minutes looking at the bbc website today was enough to make me completely give up and start playing thief 2 again (especially the report saying we should test on some things on apes.. why not just use humans? then you'll at least get some accurate results).

but i just learned that dep plan to release an absolutely pointless e.p. next week - firstly, it's download only, so you won't even get to have the joy of taking it home from the shops and fantisizing about what the artwork implies for the music and so forth; plus it means you have to give some money to itunes, the least fun record shop in the world. secondly, it's called 'plagiarism' and will consist of four covers, with a couple of other tracks - a live version of 'the perfect design' (which could be fun), and, oh horror of horrors, an edit of 'unretrofied'.

this song has been available for nearly two years on the album 'miss machine', and for that time i have been struggling to work out if it is an interesting attempt to inject something a little more indie/poppy into their work, a cynical attempt to get on the mtv (here's the video) and have people who don't know what they're really about buy the album blind, or just a really crappy song. and now they want me to buy an edited (as they say themselves, "shorter") version? just what's the plan guys? was this in your 2cd/2dvd refesher deal with relapse? money for old rope doesn't come older or ropier.

so then, those covers: NIN "Wish", Massive Attack "Angel", Justin Timberlake "Like I Love You", and Soundgarden "Jesus Christ Pose" (the last of which can be heard on their myspac, and is refreshingly exactly the same as the original, which in some ways is great - that's a good chris cornell impression - but...). i just.. you know.. give me a reason why on earth i should pay money for this shit. i don't want TWO copies of unretrofied on my computer. argh.

so then the other really bad music news is that gorky's have finally, officially, split. after a couple of years of having to explain to people, "no, they're not breaking up, they're just having a rest and doing solo stuff, they'll be back", i have to face the fact that despite none of this year's batch of solo releases being as good as any gorky's album (except maybe the last one), they'll never be coming home. oh well. i'm my normal stoical self about this. things change! i'd rather they split up than became shit. i don't think anyone will replace them in my heart; i think i'm growing out of the obsessive buying phase, especailly since every band is putting their entire back catalogue online for download. where would you stop? i have neither the finances, hard drive space, nor time to listen to all the music i'd like to.

btw, i finally figured out the 'i'm david bowie' thing.. it's stella street right? phil cornwell played both bowie and micheal cain. it's a simple confusion because they're both played by the same guy marring the impressions together.

but it was paul whitehouse who did 'i'm micheal cain' on the harry enfield show, which confuses matters.
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