a bunch of new jokes

did you hear about the french woman who got pregagant off fucking a cow?
she gave bouef!

what d'you call an alternate history biopic of judy garland, where she lived as an unknown mechanic?
a part is worn!

did you hear about the web surfer, who wrinkled his brow when he couldn't find a webpage?
he had a furrow fore!

elvis was throwing a tantrum backstage; he wouldn't appear unless they changed the billing to include his middle name. "ok, ok," said colonel tom parker, "keep your aaron!"

why do they have electrical resistors in the tate?
because ohm is where the art is!

why did the juvenile delinquent with a lisp not know white from wong? because i couldn't make it work.


Anonymous said...

Yo Grilly, I think you might like this.

Anonymous said...

I laughed!