panic attack at sainsburys

well, no. some anxiety in the 8th day organic health food shop.
it's this trans-fatty acids thing. they put signs up everywhere, big things advising that certain products (sosmix!) contain the EVIL trans-fatty acids while others (organic sosmix!) don't. i got terrified. even my margarine has it in. it's not worth eating.

here's an interesting thing. there's this new film - adaptation. a review on imdb says "Beowulf & Grendel owes as much to John Gardner's Grendel as it does to the Beowulf epic". of course, gardner can't take any credit, since he was making something entirely out of a copyright free story. but then i just read moore and cambell's 'from hell' - good but maybe too detailed, with the necessary plot somersaults to fit in with established fact (which kind of reminded me of 'shadows of the empire'). but somehow, a film that bore no relation to that book was made with credit to the authors, to the effect that when i had it out at work, people said 'wasn't that that a terrible film?'. moore was doing a similar job to gardner; both were taking public domain material and putting their own slant on it. so why does 'from hell: the movie', that bears no relation to the book, credit moore and cambell, while 'beowulf and grendal', which alledgedly takes much from gardner, not credit him despite being based on/inspired by his recreation of the grendal myth? it's not like the batman films, which although they may draw from one author's work on batman or another, all batman owned by dc.
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