a circle

pessimism = realism

pessimism is a luxury {quote: pessimism is a luxury a jew cannot afford {golda meir}. it happens to hold true for gentiles.)

realism is an ideology (quote: the third world is not a reality, but an ideology { hannah arendt})

thus, realism is the ideology of luxury.


i was thinking about art, too.
i've always thought about art as something a person does in their spare time, and not for profit, that the money incentive ruins art. but take a person working at some hypothetical job that they hate, and does their art in there spare time. does it not make sense that this job could be any meaningless job? even ones in the 'creative' industries? furthermore, if a person could do their art in there spare time, and hold down a job, but is offered money for their work, why not take the money? does it make the art inherently less honest? it's true that if a person goes into business making 'art' then their motivation will change to one of their pocket, and not their expression. but with the same theoretical slant, that wouldn't stop them producing true, not for profit, art in their spare time!

see, it's okay to sell out.

so i will compile my sell-out enabler. it will contain 'love', 'purple milk', and anything else? the choice is yours.
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