i dream of spreadsheets

it feels like it's been a while since i've done a proper post. i've been trying to cut down computer hours outside work, for reasons detailed in the title. not this has stopped a quick post-pub email check into an in depth exploration of the deepest reaches of the internet. that's an exageration; there is nothing left on the internet. but it doesn't stop me checking.

so i saw andy in nescastle. sorry, newcastle. this seems a long time ago now (two weeks, as i said i haven't posted much) so it hardly seems worth writing up now. the only photo i've put up is on my flickr thing-> and it's of imogen's hands. but if you want to see 15 photos of andy looking at me (or other things), i'll email them to you. we went in oxfam and they had the first four series of the x-files on vhs for 13 quid each. as we were examining them, and arranging the tapes into their correct order (so that mulder's face looked right), a reciept fell out of one of them; it'd been bought a decade ago for 80 quid, and that was only one box. they could have probably got them for a lot more, if people still i said this to my mum, she said we should have bought them, sold them on a generic internet auction site, and given the profits back to oxfam. but they know what they're doing, this isn't the sally army in lockerbie we're talking about (dan, please can we go? please? i need a pilgramage), they had 'vintage vinyl' in there for forty quid! in oxfam! we saw chaché with imogen, and i a caught a cold but not the flu that everyone had. we went to durham for lunch with luke and imogen too, which wasn't the moving experience i thought it might be. i made my peace with the city last time i was there (was that the last totf gig?). but the food at the court in was a little rough - if i'd known that 'croque madam' meant 'loads of fried shit' i'd have got something else.

luke was fun, i enjoyed his company. he said 'you're a vegatarian, you should eat your salad.' i thought, 'dude, i get plenty of vegetables. you're the one who needs salad.' but i said, 'everyone needs salad.' which is more true, especially as me being vegetarian doesn't mean i always get as much salad as i should. there's plenty of veggie junk food! i had a great veggie burger at earth cafe yesterday (underneath the buddist centre). it wasn't really junky though, it was very wholesome indeed. ah, these fleeting meetings. i met barney and robbie humphries too, both for very short periods but both demonstrating how easily they could slip back into my life. i love those meetings. you can see someone for an hour in a whole year and really enjoy it. but it does fill me with sadness. can someone tell me why? is it because i miss these people, or because i feel the need to let go and clear up my head, and that thought makes me sad? wait, both of those are the same feeling, the missing of the friends.

btw, i'm going the green man this year, so if anyone wants to come along with me, you need to get tickets very soon because it will sell out.
must go now.
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