2 new works of art are available for download

the first:
what'ya call a wookie whose trousers keep falling down?
too baggy.

the second: dj gallow slutt's remix of the my attorney classic 'frostbitten' is available at his myspac (listen to th'original here). my inspiration was to do what paul okenfold did to street spirit and wide open space, and so forth.

things i'm unhappy with: it was made by up cutting every bar of music and timestretching to the bpm, so it does wander out of time (often at the start of the chorus, obivously the word 'rubbing' causes problems with my dividing skills). also, i made it using the terrible time stretching algorithm of cakewalk, so the song itself sounds quite nastily phased. and it doesn't have a dj gallow slutt vocal, which i may add tonight. it won't make it any better, but the idea of the song was to rape and corrupt something beautiful, i just wonder if having me shouting 'are you ready, malaga?' over the top would be the wrong kind of terrible.
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