how it feels

on a scale of nought to 'whatever and ever our men':

3% One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
2% Fair
0% Song for the Dumped
20% Selfless, Cold and Composed
12.5% Kate
25% Smoke
15% Cigarette
15% Steven's last night in town
1% Battle of Who Could Care Less
9% Missing the War
20% Evaporated

and as a cvg (circa 1993) review:
graphics: 87%
sound: 79%
presentation: 85%
gameplay: 92%
lastability: 48%
overall: 65%.
good concept but inherently bugged and over way too soon. sequal please!

{n.b.: if anyone can remember any other stupid categories cvg had for rating games, i'd love to include them (i'm talking mainly to andy and dan here). they did have presentation, i'm sure.. preceding the use of 'animated menues' as a 'bonus feature' on dvds by a decade. honestly, they rated the bloody menus! or was it another badly put together shit rag of a magazine where it was considered acceptable to have sentences that trailed off the page and dodgy adverts involving women with game gears postioned over their nipples, and charlie brooker doing adverts for special reserve games? anyway here i am trying to make light out of being dumped and i end up wittering on about computer games magazines from 1992. it's all a learning experience i suppose.}

on a different note, i invented the best word ever today: 'sargasm'. please use it, and then mention that you learnt it from me.

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Jasmine said...

Like a cow loves her heifer.

Thank you Grill. I am enjoying it immensely.

Apologies for posting such a non-sequeter.