is there no end to archer's shame?

jeffery archer apperently stealing from the charity bucket, again

is it racist to impose limits on immigration?

the real issue: why do people want to come to this country?

border controls are definately racist, in a nutshell:

take two countries, a rich one and a poor one.
with freedom of movement, poor people would come into the rich country and work for less money; they would do so until there was no point in coming to rich country, i.e. wages were as low as the poor one (meanwhile, companies in the rich country outsource to the poor one, raising their wages).
like gas through a membrane, things would even out between the two countries. border controls prevent this from happening. why do we want to preserve some people in poverty?
the only reason can be racism - the idea that britons somehow deserve higher quality of life than those outside.
this is exemplified by the fact that e.u. citizens can come here as much as they like.

poor people come to britain because we have wrecked their countries through imperialism. we have border controls because we're happy at the front of the rat race.
there are two ways to stop people coming to our country - border controls, and improving their quality of life.
i know which one i prefer.
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