the most amazing thing just happened. 3 o'clock in the morning, 13 hours before disertation deadline, and i got it to work. it all clicked into place, all the bugs cleaned away. so i just deleted the two hundred words of self-loathing that was my evaluation ("to be fair, Ema just doesn't work...") and started writing how great it was, how it fills every requirement, oh joy!

the write up still isn't finished though, so i'm off to the 24 hour garage..

today's jaunt into town was fun. i went to take back forest's debut record, which was pretty appalling, such a shame, their second one's meant to be dead good (the track i heard, 'graveyard', is a beauty) but it's not been reissued yet, and on the way, i stopped into the punker bunker. just to look. while i was there, the bloke upstairs popped down and said that the woman who runs the porcupine cafe had just thrown a brick through her shop window. bad juju.
"have you got the orthrelm/trencher split 7inch?" i enquire.
"no.. the only thing we have by them is this last copy of their limited split 5inch with (band i've never heard of)"
okay, i'll have it. five pounds for five inches, it's a deal!

was there a fever in the air? do you know how much audio you get on a 5"? about half an inch per side. making things worse, both trencher tracks are on their album that i've already got, and that cost four pounds.

but the nice man was very happy to give me a cash refund when i came back in minutes later, having had a chance to think about what i'd done.

it's not the first time i've taken back two records in a day - actually it's the third - but it is the first time they didn't go back to the same store. the first time, it was steal this album (which i had no intention of paying for) and dissimulate (which turned out to be twice the price listed on the earache webstore). i copied both.

the second was vulnerabilia and the coral. i was generally unsatisfied with both of them, so didn't copy them. why would i want to?
*that said, seeing vulnerabilia for three pounds in a sale made me want to give it another go, and now i quite like it. it was probably the coral that upset me.*

but not copying them doesn't stop the man in the shop giving you a dirty look, because he thinks you did.
ah; the perils of a midweek radio 4 purves.

which reminds me, cocker is on desert island discs this week, and it's not available online, tune it guys xx
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