*this blog is a sackable offence*

what pisses me off? david wrench gig (supporting fi-lo radio, storm records night) on monday is cancelled.
anyone fancy valerie on saturday night?

work is fun though - this week has been very light. my logic is thus: i've signed off work, so they can't possibly sack me for using the internet in work hours (the database is online, so the computers have to be plugged in, you see).

finished consider phlebas; an adequate book. three stars. paid today, so shopping for cds online - but can't remember which ones i wanted. when the hell is a new zabrinski record coming out?

gone off Miss Machine a bit, since i heard 'last night i dreamt that somebody loved me' at a rather oppertune moment. DEP just aren't the Smiths. most bands aren't; there's nothing wrong with not being the Smiths. that's not to say my finger didn't hover over the 'buy' button of 'Caluclating infinity' on earache's webstore. but i thought i'd continue exploring their other material a bit longer first. and they're playing over here again in december, and i'm ^so^ there.

Thanks to Ewa, who sent me a lovely mix CD, with a winter slant. it has three bands i know on - and one song that i'd actually just put on a cd myself! it's magic when that happens (but i wasn't satisfied with the cd i'd made, and so it sits...).

y'see, when i don't blog very often, i can't really think of anything to say. and it's only when i lose myself in someone else, that i find myself, i find myself...


p.s. cheers to nina for mail, i'll 'write' soon.
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