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there's a revealing, long interview with the *charming* Maria Schneider of pathetic geek stories fame; listen to it here, or go to the link above, and browse to old news where you get a few more links.

in my life: i really need a teddy bear. i've been cuddling my spare pillow all night. not that there's anything wrong with that type of thing, an actual teddy bear won't provide any more comfort than a pillow, but it's the image, yk? who would want to sleep with a guy who sleeps with his pillow? chix dig guys who like teddy bears. but do they like guys who realise that the comfort is merely from holding something soft? probably not, because there is the aesthetic to a teddy bear; even when you're not holding it, it looks cute, and that doesn't happen with a pillow. a pillow is shaped more like a human torso...

...ah, so it was my beloved David Wrench that Thom wouldn't let cover creep (and dickhead got away with it?)
EP: The debut release on Storm records for David will be the WORLD WAR IV e.p. Featuring the tracks WORLD WAR IV, LIKE A COMMUNIST, CREEP, and FUCK YOU AND YOUR WAR ON TERROR. expect to see it in the shops (if not the charts) early next year. David is putting the finishing touches to the forthcoming album THE ATOMIC WORLD OF TOMORROW as we write this.

EP: Due to Radiohead banning the cover of creep, the world war IV ep has been withdrawn. We approached Thom Yorke of the band in manchester to ask why permission was not allowed, but all he did was get angry and started shouting "do you know how hard I work?", well probably quite hard Mr Yorke, but then again so does everyone else I know, and for a fraction of the pay and satisfaction you get out of work. We genuinely believed that Radiohead would have given permission for use of their song on an anti war ep, but they work far too hard apparently. FAKE PLASTIC POP STARS. If you would like to let Radiohead themselves know what you think, the email address for their management is

so it turns out, according to free indie rag The Fly, david wrench's physics teacher at school was motherfucking genius Gorwel Owen. is there no end to the man's talents? apart from producing all my favourite records, he inspired young wrench to do the first ever welsh language acid house track, and taught the coolest subject(?). i do pick 'em don't i? regular readers will know how i bought wrenchy's single superhorny purely because he produced/co-wrote some zabrinski tracks, if i wrote that anecdote up. other facts of wrench (from his biog):
Produced records for Zabrinski, Wendykurk, Adom and MC Mabon.
Engineered records for The Blueskins, Julian Cope, Jackie Leven, David Thomas, British Sea Power,the Archie Bronson Outfit, Ian McCulloch, Ectogram and tons of others.
Did 3 British tours supporting Gorkys Zygotic Mynci.

i still think it's funny that the Welsh for 'welsh', 'cymraeg' sounds like 'cumrag'. still. in the face of all that adversity, and the fact that i deliberately mispronounce it. maybe that has finally excercised all the humour now.

well, i've got a month of laurence's blog to read up on, so i've gotta go. catch you later, hepcats.

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