"guess kids these days just can't tell their gravity from their rotating frames of reference."

that there from "consider phlebas" by Iain M. Banks. of course anti-gravity suits don't work on ring worlds! i love sci-fi. also just read a 'pocket essential' biog of Alan Moore. gee, i didn't know he was the only person writing comics for the last 15 years, and started every cultural revolution in the intervening period. thanks pocket essentials. it was good though. i now know i need to read Miracleman (i've already read some of the later Neil Gaiman ones), and v for vendetta, which play off each other as foils, and basically everything he's ever done, because otherwise, my life isn't worth shit. thanks, pocket essentials.

i've also started reading a very confusing book, about, as the author puts it "strange loops" (or as my brother puts it, "circles"). read reviews at the link.

i've been staring at a computer for 2 days and you should be thankful i've taking this time to write anything. at least it's only LCD. i hate cathode rays.


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