More greetings from easyInternetCafe!

the cafe is a seperate business and charges 'net customers 20p a shot to use the loo.
i'm becoming quite a regular here. if it were smaller, and more soulful, i might start to recognise the staff and clientel. except, if it had any character, it would be more expensive, and i would probably go somewhere else. where? a phonebox? at £4 an hour? everybody else is out of business.

the only email i got today was from rounder records in brighton. it was very funny and strange, this week, wasn't it? sorry if you don't get it, had this very good link

this is most definitely NOT my website

an oldish anecdote that needs telling:

i was strolling to the pub, and Dear Darling's 'Everything All At Once' ep (more like a mini album, as it's 5 tracks stretch over 23 minutes) had just started. in front of me, a way away, were Mat and Dom, with a pint of ale ready for me at the table. the albums opening rhyming couplet rang in my ears -
I spend time with you, 'cause i don't have, anything better to do-ooo-ooo-oo-oo...
don't you hate how the font changes? must sort that out.

i heard the words, and saw my friends in front of me, and knew that they didn't match 87)

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