hooray for post 70!

interesting stuff recently that i haven't written:

bumbed into... this is very important. someone called for me, i turned around, and a crazy-looking, wild-haired, 'bloke' was standing in the queue for registration. he said he had been to school with me, did i remember him? i said not yet.. fuck, it was Jihad. as he said his name, his face bloody transformed, i'm not kidding, into his old face. i gave him my number, he said he'd call (but didn't). his friend was utterly short with me - J:"this is my firend grilly from school!" J's freind:"i, who ya doing," then turned away without any intention of saying anything to me ever again.

went to lick the wall. saw valerie. woo!yay! they only got to do four songs, but we *love* them. Chloe poems was ultimate poetry-core; hilarious, threatening, correct, and had the audience by the gingham panties. in attendence: deb pugh and steve, my very good freinds (who i do remember from school), and bizzarely, dave garcon, old freind of my parents, played in tim's band, owns logoprint and was playing that night in robin nature bold's band, 'ism'.

got a call from andrew conway, another school friend i haven't seen for far too long. now in london, which makes fings easy.

back to work now!
see you all in brighton, please come.
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