Omar Little = batman

warning: the wire nerdery in this post.
this occurred to me while doing the washing up today, and the more i thought about it the more true it became.

a few people on the internets have noticed this (e.g. 1, 2) but to summarise the key points:

* he always has an young, pretty (effeminate?) side-kick, who he is protective of. ok, he's gay, but so's batman.

* he's a vigilante - a criminal who goes after other criminals - tolerated by the police. when arrested for a murder that he didn't do, the fact that he has killed many deters certain police from running to his aide, while others want him back on the streets because he only got the right ones.

* he pulls 'some spider-man shit' towards the end of the series, albeit not entirely successful (if only he'd had that base-jumping gear the real batman does).

* he's a good detective - patiently observing, above and beyond the police.

just a thought.
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